International Systcoms Ltd.

 Micro-Classic AMTS-IMTS Radiotelephone

Model VTR-2084 

Note that the above head was available in other colors such as dark brown and black.

Internal views of VTR-2084 -Classic

Photo courtesy Greg White VA3VFO

Photo courtesy Greg White VA3VFO


Novatel Aurora

 IMTS VHF Radiotelephone

Novatel's Aurora RF package, very similar to the -Classic above, except for different connectors and an updated logic package.  The capped-off connector is probably for the addition of the cellular RF package in their final dual-format radiotelephone.  Note that the model number plate has the identical FCC type acceptance number.  Novatel seems to have bought Systcoms or otherwise acquired their designs.


Below is a 1983 ad from Communications magazine for the IMTS/Cellular Aurora. Note that in the ad, they show what appears to actually be a Systcoms -Classic RF drawer rather than the Aurora drawer, which used Centronics style connectors (see above example.)

SYSTCOMS VTR-74 MTS Radiotelephone 


Shown with "Compact" control head, capable of attachment to the radio itself or remote mounting.  Note the extra "Canadian" channels 1 and 13, not used in the United States.


"Deluxe" CONTEMPRA Control Head for VTR-74




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